Care Olive Ear Drops 10ml


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Olive Oil ear drops can be used to help moisten ear wax thus leading to the easy removal of ear wax.


Product Description

Care Olive Oil Eardropsare 100% natural way of helping to soften and remove ear wax. These ear drops contain 100% natural extra virgin oil, which gently softens and removes ear wax. The solution is scientifically proven to disperse ear wax and thereby helps to easily remove ear wax and other unknown blockages.

Usage Directions:

Gently tilt your head sideways with affected ear facing upwards

Avoid touching ear with the dropper

Using dropper, administer 2 to 3 drops of oil at room temperature into the ear

Gently massage around outside of the ear

Allow a few minutes for the drops to reach eardrum by keeping head tilted

Repeat the application in other ear if required

Plug ear lightly with cotton wool if necessary to prevent leakage

Administer drops twice a day for up to seven days

Discard drops 28 days after opening the bottle.


Once opened, store dropper in the same bottle

Do not use the solution if you are sensitive to Olive Oil

Avoid administering the oil on an infected ear or if the ear is bleeding, ruptured or inflamed

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Care Olive Ear Drops 10ml
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