Optrex Multi Action Eye Wash 100ml


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Modern living can leave our eyes feeling tired, uncorfortable or irrited. Computer use, air conditioning and irritants such as dust, grit or smoke can damage the surface of the eye leaving it in need of some TLC. This soothing eye wash which contain natural plant extracts can help revive your eyes..

Note: This is a medicine, no prolonged use without medical advice, keep away from children, reading the package insert. Ask your doctor or pharmacist. In case of side effects, contact your doctor.

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Adults and Children Remove contact enses before use. Do not return used wash to the bottle. Suitable to use everyday.


Aqua, Hammelis Virginia (Witch Hazel), Alcohol, Boric Acid, Glycerin, Sodium Borate, Benzalkonium Chloride


Discard any unused eye wash three months after opening.

How to use:

Ensure your hands are clean and dry and the bottle’s seal is intact.
Pour the wash into the eye bath until it’s about a third full. Bend your head forward, holding the eye bath by its base.
Place the eye bath over your eye and slowly raise your head with your eye open, so wash flows into it. Gently rock your head from side to side for at least 30 seconds.
If the eye bath is likely to be used by more than one person it is a sensible precaution to sterilize it by boiling it in water.
Optrex Multi Action Eye Wash for tired, uncomfortable eyes is suitable for everyday use.

Safty Imformation:

Don’t use Optrex Eye Wash with Eye Bath for tired, uncomfortable eyes while or just before wearing your contact lenses. Wait 15 minutes after use before wearing contact lenses.

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Optrex Multi Action Eye Wash 100ml
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